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Camelway concrete mixing plant green dustproof solution

Camelway concrete mixing plant green dustproof solution

The mixing station mixer runs dusty. This is a place that everyone is particularly annoying. The biggest natural pollution causes air quality. Second, the operator or construction personnel directly inhale tiny particles into the stomach and cause harm to the body. For this reason, Camelway has created An environmentally-friendly and compact frame is suitable for all types of mixing stations. In order to solve this problem, camelway responds to the national call to protect the environment. Everyone is responsible for the environment, so cameleway, in the storage area and aggregates where dust pollution is easy to occur. Delivery process. Camelway has conducted research and analysis on such problems, and finally adopted a solution to seal the main station equipment and install dust removal equipment inside, and to build a large steel silo to store aggregates. In this way, it can be used in every link. The minimum dust reduction is normal, and concrete mixing production can be carried out under any weather cond

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