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Zhengzhou construction machine mixing station, mixer operation precautions

Zhengzhou construction machine mixing station, mixer operation precautions

The compounding unit of Zhengzhou Great Wall Construction Concrete Mixer consists of hopper and corresponding distribution machine, horizontal aggregate belt conveyor and frame. The water collecting belt conveyor is placed under the dispensing machine, and the materials dispensed by each dispenser are sent to the collecting belt conveyor.    The dispenser is generally composed of a hopper, a material door, a batching belt conveyor and a driving device. The hopper is welded by a steel plate, and a baffle is usually arranged around the upper mouth to increase the capacity of the hopper; a wall vibrator is mounted on the wall of the bucket. To eliminate material arching. The upper hopper is also equipped with a slanted grid to prevent the oversized material from being loaded into the hopper during loading of the loader to affect the feeding performance. The hopper inside the viscous material for Zhengzhou construction machine must be equipped with a forced arching device. The broken arch hopper must be equipped

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